When Should I Get My Oil Changed?

April 24th, 2018 by

Oil Change done by a professional

The rule of thumb used to be to get your oil changed every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever came first. New engineering and research has changed that common wisdom, though, and it’s generally agreed that most vehicles are okay with getting an oil change around every 5,000 miles.

These intervals can vary slightly depending on the vehicle, though, so it’s important to check your owner’s manual or get in touch with your El Dorado Hills Mercedes-Benz service center to make sure you know the particulars for your make and model.

Why Are Oil Changes So Important?

Oil is the lubricant that prevents excessive friction between the pistons and the inner walls of the housing. If you wait too long to get your oil changed, the oil can run low or get filled with debris. When that happens, excessive engine heating can occur, decreasing the performance and efficiency of the vehicle and putting you and those around you at risk.

How Do I Change My Oil?

If you would like to change your own oil, there are a number of steps you will need to take, including:

1. Choosing the right kind of oil

2. Preparing supplies and vehicle

3. Draining oil from the drain plug

4. Tightening the drain plug

5. Changing the oil filter

6. Adding new oil

7. Making sure the oil level is right

Schedule Your Oil Change in El Dorado Hills

While some people enjoy DIY projects like changing their own oil, many simply prefer the speed, convenience, and professionalism of a certified service center. At Mercedes-Benz of El Dorado Hills, you can easily schedule an appointment for your next oil change, bring your car in, and be back on the road in no time. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us our sales staff.

Our Service Specials

Service A Coupon

Save $25 on Service A

The Mercedes-Benz recommended service A maintenance package includes:

-Synthetic Motor Oil replacement
-Genuine Mercedes-Benz Fleece Oil Filter Replacement
-Tire inflation check and correction
-All fluid level checks and corrections are dependent on factory-recommended service intervals for your vehicle's year and model.
-Brake component inspection
-Reset maintenance counter

Model year 2009 and newer. Price advertised for Service A/Service B includes all factory-required components. Please refer to your maintenance booklet for the complete list of factory-required services and details on the specific intervals for your vehicle’s year and model.

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