The End Is Only the Beginning with Mercedes-Benz First Class Finish

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The End Is Only the Beginning with Mercedes-Benz First Class Finish

A Lease-End with Class

They say all good things come to an end, but with the Mercedes-Benz First Class Finish®, you can keep the luxury experience driving a Mercedes-Benz going after at the end of your leasing period. The Mercedes-Benz First Class Finish program helps walk you through the lease-end process, and includes the option to either lease or buy a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle, or to purchase the vehicle you’ve leased with Mercedes-Benz.

To learn more about your lease-end options and the First Class Finish program, contact Mercedes-Benz of El Dorado Hills today. Our auto finance center can help walk you through the car lease process, including how your vehicle is assessed once your lease period comes to a close, or your auto loan options if you wish to purchase a new or previously-leased vehicle.

What Happens at the Lease-End?

Every lease through the Mercedes-Benz First Class Finish ends with a vehicle assessment. You’ll be required to bring your vehicle to your local Mercedes-Benz dealer to have the vehicle assessed. It begins with checking for additional wear and tear incurred while driving the vehicle. We will also assess whether or not there is excess mileage based on the lease mileage limits.

The terms and conditions of your lease indicate what type of wear and tear will be assessed at the lease-end period. Once you bring your vehicle in for inspection at the lease-end period, it will be examined for both interior and exterior damage, such as holes, tears, dents, scratches, and cracks. We will also examine the vehicle for after-market changes and whether or not the vehicle has been kept to the agreed-to maintenance schedule.

The First Class Finish Advantage

Loyalty is rewarded at the lease-end period thanks to the First Class Finish program. If you choose to replace and off-lease Mercedes-Benz with a new vehicle, you’ll receive a credit of up to $500 toward wear and tear charges.

Customers who lease or buy their next vehicle through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will up to a $595 credit toward the vehicle turn-in fee. Mercedes-Benz may also offer other loyalty rewards, so be sure to inquire about any additional benefits when turning in your leased vehicle.

Stress-Free Lease-End Process

Are you ready to bring your car in for the lease-end period? Follow these simple steps:

  • Schedule your vehicle for a complimentary pre-inspection
  • Explore your inspection results
  • Consider repair options for any damage indicated in the inspection results (not required)
  • Disconnect your vehicle from the Mercedes me connect account
  • Return your vehicle

If you’ve chosen not to purchase the leased vehicle through Mercedes-Benz Finance Services, your Lease-End Statement will be mailed to you after a final inspection has been completed.

Take the Next Step in Your Mercedes-Benz Journey

Leasing with Mercedes-Benz can be easier than establishing a car loan with other vehicle manufacturers. Not only does the First Class Finish program help deliver a low-cost option to driving a luxury class vehicle, but you’ll also have the option to reduce your payments or buy the vehicle outright with appropriate credits to your account if you’ve found you’re in love with it.

Contact Mercedes-Benz of El Dorado Hills today to learn more about the exclusive First Class Finish leasing program and lease-end loyalty offers and rewards.

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