Mercedes-Benz Financing Frequently Asked Questions

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Mercedes-Benz Financing Frequently Asked Questions

Financing Your Mercedes-Benz is Easier Than You Think

So much of what many people generally do in their day-to-day lives centers on the “bottom line” of this or that. People get so fixated on the price, and the deal, that if they did that at our dealership, they’d miss out on the pure exhilaration of shopping, test driving, buying or leasing one of the most beautiful, finely crafted, precision-built vehicles in the world today.

Mercedes-Benz Financing for a car loan or car lease is a quick, easy and thorough process. As an integral part of what makes us truly different, our many loyal customers and friends will attest to how we do business. But seeing is believing, isn’t it? So we invite you to see for yourself how easy it is when shopping for your next purchase or lease at Mercedes-Benz El Dorado Hills.

This is Not an All Day Event

We understand, value and appreciate your time as much as you do. And, to be fair, we feel the same about ours. So, at Mercedes-Benz El Dorado Hills, our knowledgeable and friendly professionals deliver the utmost level of auto finance options to you and go through the process at record time.

This is mainly due to the fact that we have been serving a half-million satisfied customers in more than 25 years, and have created achievable auto loan financing for many of our clients from various walks of life. With comprehensive and flexible finance packages we know you will be pleased, and there is no rush to call a third-party lender when Mercedes-Benz Financing takes you all the way.

If a Lease is Better For You, We Have Flexible Options

Essentially, the ultimate goal for every Mercedes-Benz owner is to wrap up the deal and get back out on our beautiful California highways. And what a joy it is to drive out of our dealership at Mercedes-Benz El Dorado Hills in your new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz.

If ownership does not serve your best interests as well as leasing, our lease options offer little-to-no-down payment options or upfront sales tax payments. For example, if you do not normally put a lot of miles on your car and look forward to driving a newer Mercedes-Benz every two-to-three-years, a short-term lease of 24-to-36-months can be the right choice for you. Leasing lowers your monthly payments because you aren’t paying the full price of the vehicle; you are paying to use the vehicle within the anticipated mileage you disclosed, over the life of the agreement. You then have an option to purchase it or turn it in to us, for a newer Mercedes-Benz. Normal wear and term are covered in your lease. Unfortunately, dents and scrapes are not.

When You Purchase, You Enjoy Pride of Ownership

Mercedes-Benz Financing has made it possible for many drivers over the years to hang on to their classic cars. It’s no secret their value increases when maintained properly, and as collectors search all over the world over for specific older vehicle models. Mercedes-Benz El Dorado Hills and Mercedes-Benz Financing will finance your slightly newer pre-owned cars too, for models up to five years old.

Whether Gen X’ers or Baby Boomers, We Have Financing for You

You see them on the road all the time, luxury Mercedes-Benz cars driven by an established 50-plus clientele of affluent adults as well as much younger men and women who gravitate toward premium products and services. We thank them all and hope that you, too, gravitate toward Mercedes-Benz El Dorado Hills soon.

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