The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan’s PRESAFE® with Pink Noise System

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The Mercedes-Benz E-Class has earned a reputation as being one of the smartest, most cutting-edge vehicles on the luxury market, thanks in large part to safety systems like PRESAFE®. As a pre-collision system, PRESAFE® works to lessen the damage caused by collisions and rollovers. PRESAFE® with Pink Noise (PRESAFE® Sound), an extension of PRESAFE®, takes the ingenuity of its parent technology to a new level. Read on to learn more about these revolutionary systems!

What is PRESAFE®?

PRESAFE® was initially introduced in 2002, and is now standard equipment for many new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including the E-Class. This system uses a series of sensors to detect instability associated with an impending accident, and immediately activates its network of protective features to brace the cabin in preparation. Within milliseconds, PRESAFE® can tighten the front seatbelts, adjust the front-passenger seat, and close the windows/sunroof. Of course, all returns to normal if no collision or rollover takes place.

About PRESAFE® Sound

PRESAFE® Sound first debuted in the 2016 E-Class Sedan, and is now a staple of the legendary lineup. When PRESAFE® senses instability, PRESAFE® Sound is activated to help protect occupants’ hearing. It does this by playing a “pink noise” via the audio system at around 80 decibels, which equates to the noise you’d hear standing by the side of a roadway.

Essentially, pink noise is a spectrum of multiple frequencies that cause the stapedius reflex in the human ear to contract at the right decibel, reducing the amount of sound pressure to the inner ear. This primes the ear for the forceful impact of a collision and helps prevent damage to the eardrum.

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